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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Litigation (Commercial and non Commercial) and Dispute Resolution

Disagreements are common but when these differences become unmanageable, the situation progresses into a dispute and can quickly escalate out of proportion.

We are often asked to give legal advice to individuals and businesses on a wide range of small to complex disputes such as:

  • consumer/collection disputes, debts, repairs, purchases are not of the quality expected, business disputes- contracts, partnerships;
  • Setting aside Judgments/Statutory Demands;
  • Landlord/tenant disputes, evictions, rent, repairs, security deposits;
  • Property / Land use disputes- property transfers, boundaries, easements, construction;
  • Neighbourhood disputes / personal conflicts;
  • Bankruptcy/Insolvency proceedings.

We aim to provide the highest quality of service and offer cost-aware advice to achieve the best possible settlement terms and/or ideal commercial outcome.

We regularly use, alternative dispute resolution methods including mediation, expert determination and adjudication processes to resolve your case as efficiently and effectively with as little disruption and cost to you or your business as possible.

In situations when litigation is the right course of action, we have the experience and depth of knowledge to manage your dispute and will defend your case vigorously.

Smith & George Solicitors are advocacy experts. We often appear in the High Court and in the County Court as well as various other Tribunals.

We find that most clients prefer a ‘one stop shop’ with regards to providing a legal service.  When our clients instruct us on contentious matters, we are able to quickly identify the issues, provide an opinion on the merits of the matter, prepare and present your case at court, without referring the matter to others if possible.

We understand that at the forefront of every client’s concern, is how much it will cost to resolve a dispute in the most effective way possible and we therefore always provide estimates and agree fees with you prior to undertaking any work.

Debt Recovery

As an invoice grows older, it can become difficult for a business to recover what it is owed.

We offer a quick and efficient debt recovery service with highly experienced litigation solicitors. We recover debts (whether it be from individuals or companies) using a variety of methods, commencing with pre-legal action to legal action and enforcement procedures if necessary. As we are experienced in this area of law, you can be sure that our methods will be the best possible way to recover your debt as cost effectively as possible.

Our range of debt recovery services include:

  • One off debt recovery – We can help you recover any amount which may have been owed for sometime or is of high value. If you are a business, we will take responsibility of recovering your debt.
  • Ongoing debt recovery –We can offer an ongoing debt recovery service to businesses and collect debts that are still outstanding, taking the stress and strain away from your business.
  • Tracing service and enforcement of judgments – When a Judgment is obtained and the debtor fails to pay, we utilise a variety of methods to enforce the Order. In addition to this, we offer a wide range of tracing services to businesses and individuals should the debtor disappear.

Whether it be one-off debt recovery or ongoing credit control, our expert team of solicitors can offer cost aware advice and assist at any stage of the debt recovery process.